7/22/2014 posted

Shelly Cramm

The cover of this Bible is just gorgeous. The colors are relaxing and pleasing to the eyes and puts you at peace. I sat and looked at the cover for awhile thinking I love being out and walking different gardens, when I lived in Nebraska my children and I used to go down town and walk along the garden areas and also they had garden area near our home. Even as I enjoyed the gardens and loved the smell I notice my children their voice became lower as they pointed out different plants to each other and talked about how pretty they smelled and looked. So even as young as they were they relaxed and became very quite as they strolled the gardens. I love this cover very beautiful and captivating.

The green used as captions throughout this Bible is refreshing to look at and read.

I never thought of the garden being related to the books of the Bible. It amazes me at what I learn from the new Bibles I either buy or get to review, I just love learning something new in the bibles or something that relates to the books of the Bibles that I would never had known other wise. Learning that the gardens are so very much a part of God and his teaching of the Bible just amazes me and very captivating, so interesting.

What a wonderful and new way to learn of God’s word and so I learned Gardens have a lot to do with God and his word to show us different ways to live and grow close to God and nature and how they interact. The one garden that stood out to me and probably to most is the Garden of Eden probably because that is where everything started!!! There are so many more gardens and they are right here in this Bible that will amaze you. I just never thought of gardens as being significant part of Gods word!!!!!!!

You will never think of a garden again in the same way, as you walk through a garden you look at it with open eyes and what bible verse will Gods words come back to you? The garden will mean a whole lot more then just flowers and trees and waterfalls. I have always felt at peace going for a walk through the woods or garden and the turbulence I was going through just stopped and peace over came me like God was there, now I know why!!!!!!!!

Hallelujah for this Great new way of learning God’s word in a very special way!!!!!! Thank-you Shelly for writing this beautiful Bible and thank-you Book look for letting me review it for you!!!!!!!! I just love, love this Bible!!!!!! On my night stand it goes for my nightly reading!!!

Even if you don’t like gardens for what ever reason this Bible is so unique you will love it and go back to it many times.

I recommend this Beautiful Bible highly!!!!!!
Grab a comfortable chair, coffee and snack and read. You are in for a real treat and wonder through the gardens with your Lord!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received this beautiful Bible free from Book look for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-310-44113-7

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