7/22/2014 Posted

Grabriele Corcos
Debi Mazar
The cover on this book is very strong and great quality. The plate of food pictured on the cover is outstanding and looks soooo good.
This book is great the pictures make you hungry and you can smell the food cooking as you go through the book and look at the pictures and recipes of the yummy food to decided what you’d like to fix.

On page 186 Grilled Endive, sorry never heard of it but boy does it sound good. I am going to have to ask my son-in-law what that is since he is a chef. Maybe even get him to fix it:) Like on this recipe they say if you don’t have an outside grill you can roast it but no Tem or time nice if they would include that recipe too.

I am wondering with some of these foods can they be bought any where or just certain Countries or States?
Anyone can help me?? Maybe my son-in-law:)

Eggplant one of my very favorite veggies and I go to Olive Garden just so I can get it, nice this book has a recipe for it and it looks yummy and it hits home for me. On page 224 Eggplant sandwiches really!!! yep really!!

There was all kinds of pizza for the pizza lovers in all of us– yummy, yummy Sounds great doesn’t it??? There home made breads and tarter page 214. Fish stew you’re kidding nope I am not there is a fish stew for the fish lovers. Which I love fish will try this one for sure.

This book has all kind of recipes I’d never think would be out there but they are. So if you want to see them and try them like me your going to have to grab this wonderful book and try all the recipes who knows you might find something you never thought you’d eat. I did the fish stew!!!!!

I recommend this book highly. There are yummy wonderful new kinds of recipes to try and beautiful pictures to make your mouth water for.

While you go through this wonderful recipe book I suggest you eat first or this book will have your tummy growling and your lips watering, it may any way.

I received this beautiful recipe book free from Blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.

5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-385-34605-4

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