The Israeli Solution

                                                                                         6/18/2014 posted review

 By: Caroline B. GLICK
                                                    THE ISRAELI SOLUTION
                                                          Caroline B. Glick
First let me say I love the cover. I always look at the cover first sometimes it tells a story in it’s self.
If you are interested in the conflict in the Middle East and you really want to know about Israel this book was printed with you in mind. You really need to go out and get this book “NOW” read it and meditate on it. You will see just how our US government screwed up and that is saying it mildly. Just read this book Caroline  hits the nail on the head, as we Americans say. You won’t want to miss the truth about how Israel can come out on top. She wrote a very powerful book in “The Israel Solution”.
If you are in college or even high school you should read this book and believe it because your teachers are government and won’t tell you this in history class.
But if you want an easy read this book is not it, but you will be missing out on one great book. It is hard lesson of reading and knowing our government is one of the biggest screw ups, sad isn’t it as powerful as we use to be.
You will follow the History of the two states concept that American has backed the Israel people and Palestine’s  peace. Ask yourself can they? Even our own government wants Israel to give up land they got back through a fight and Israel won it’s theirs!!! Shut up about it America!!!
Caroline Glick  is one of the smartest ladies I have seen, her book is great and she has the solution!! Will it be used? Is it to late?
What happened in 1949, what happened in 1995 and in 1996  what  about 1981 these dates plus some more are well worth looking at and reading. You decided.  I know where my loyalty lays where is your’s?
We need to back Israel if we don’t God won’t back us, the Israelite’s are God’s people. He will be there for them in the end, they will be where God wants them, with him. Without our “God” we are nothing!!!!!!
Obama is our down fall and he “doesn’t” stand behind Israel and he will be their’s “IF” they listen to him!!!!!!!!!! He goes around Congress all the time about everything. He turns terrorist free and nothings done GET HIM OUT of office!!!  Even Caroline is smarter then that why do I say that? Read her book and you’ll see.
I recommend this book highly for “everyone” who cares about what is “REALLY” happened and is still taking place in the Middle East. Grab this book it is powerful, it is true and to the point and has the solution!!!! Get ready for one powerful book and hard read!!!! Coffee and a soft cushy chair won’t be enough.
I received this book free from Blogging for books for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions are entirely mine and no one else’s.
ISBN 978-0-385-34806-5
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