6/17/2014 posted review

                                                 GIRL AT THE END OF THE WORLD
                                                              Elizabeth Esther
As this story unfolds and you travel the long hard road with Elizabeth through the pain and abuse of a so called religious Church (cult) you’ll wonder how things like this go on in a world that we live in as Christians. Yes we know of cults but if you are like me I didn’t really know all that went on in those cults, like mind control, abusive parents (because they were trained to be that way, trained mind you) to abuse their own children, treat them terrible.
This is a story of one young Lady that will take you into the lives of just one Church (cult) that is like this. She will open our eyes to a whole different world that is right under our own noses. It is hilarious and very heart breaking. I’d say grab your Kleenex you’ll need them. You will want to reach out and grab her grandpa and grandma and her Dad held fear over her by the shirt collar and throttle  them, oops did I say that yes I did!!
It’s sad the way some people use religion for control and money for their own desires. This is not God’s way but human’s way.
When self inflicked takes place of mental and emotional hurts, it is to help them get through what they feel is the only way to deal with their hurts from a person that is suppose to love them and to have it take them to a different place so they aren’t were the hurt started.
I am glad and my prayers go with Elizabeth and her Husband as they were brave enough to travel a road of recovery and a new beginning of being healed by God for the sake of their 5 children. GLORY BE TO GOD !!!
I received this beautiful book free from Convergent for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have express are entirely my own and no one else’s.
 5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-307-73187-6
Elizabeth’s ordeal is just one story of many, as you will see.



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