Ricochet By: Judy Fridono with Kay Pfaltz

                                                                                                                       6/17/2014 Posted Review
                                                       Judy Fridono with Kay Pfaltz
Now just look at the cover of this book, isn’t the puppy just beautiful? Of course she is. Not only is she beautiful she is smart and she can surf, yes that’s right you heard me correctly she can surf and a great surfer at that. Now you just have to go out and get this book and read this wonderful heart warming story of a furry family member that taught her master a few things too.
Are you hooked yet? You will be believe me.
I waited for this book it seems like a life time why— because I love animals and I adopted three dogs that I think are top of the line, but Ricochet could teach them a few things, surfing wouldn’t be one of them.
When I received my book I really took awhile to read it because I didn’t want it to end to be honest. I wanted it to sink in like water in a sponge. This book will make you love the furry pups more then ever and you will realize how much smarter they are then human’s, sorry but we human’s aren’t the smartest thing on earth most of the time we just want to think we are above all.
Ricochet seems to understand a lot better then a lot of people, she was trained by Judy Fridono a service dog trainer. Judy wanted puppies to make a positive difference –well Ricochet was that puppy for sure.
A great suffer but Ricochet soon because the teacher and  Judy the student. They found Ricochet’s destiny she was going to travel and become the therapy pup for a teenager with spinal cord injury, helped a soldier  and many more with their problems that no one else could. Ricochet was on her way to find anyone she could help with her Pawsitive way.
Isn’t it funny how many lives one little pup can touch just because they give love and their selves to whom needs them unconditionally !!!
This story will warm your heart on the winters coldest day up North, if it doesn’t you best sit down and read it again you missed something along the way.
I recommend this book highly. It deserves a 10 stars but it the stars only goes to 5 sorry Ricochet!!! You won’t be sorry you bought it you’ll probably wish you got it sooner!!!!!! Mine stays on my desk ( I read it to my three pups they like it) I even put the ISBN number so you can find it easier.
I received this beautiful book free from HIC for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN:13 978-0-7573-1772-9


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