NIV Integrated Study Bible

                                                                                           6/16/2014 Posted review
                                                    NIV INTEGRATED STUDY BIBLE
I love to get new Bibles because they introduce the scriptures in different ways and there for makes me read and study the Bible harder in most cases not always.
This Bible is unique in the way it is arranged differently then any other Bible I have.
If you hate hunting up foot notes, or cross references or even scanning  through the  Bible to find the parallel to what you are looking for then look no further this is the Bible for you.
For example: Samuel  19:1-17 and Psalm 59:1-6 (page 372).
Saul tries to kill David-as Saul sent out his men to kill David (at the bottom of the page is the Psalm 59) David speaks to God for help. It right there so you don’t have to hunt any further for it.
If you are interested in a certain passage you can turn to the scripture Index, it directs you to the pages that the passage you are looking for  is on. Some of the passages are in here a couple of times in the Old Testament and then as a parallel in the New testament.
If you are into the History of the Bible NIV Integrated is great because it is in seven sections: Creation to Patriarch, Exodus to Conquest then  Conquest to United Kingdom then last David Kingdom to Exile. The New Testament is the Life of Jesus and The Early Church. 
I feel this Bible is well worth the money if you are looking for a good study Bible with all this to help you.
I received this wonderful study Bible from Book look blogger for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own no one else’s.
5 Stars


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