Catch the Whisper of the Wind

                                                                                                               5/20/2014 Posted
                                                    CATCH the WHISPER of the WIND
                                                                   Cheewa James
This is Stories from and Proverbs from Native Americans (the Indians of this land).
What a beautiful book this is. Learn how the words of wisdom the Indians taught their young and learned by them. The simple yet hard life they lead. The love of the land, trees, water and even the air they breathed. They took care of all this precious things that they held dear to them and in return the land took care of them. The Indian didn’t kill more then what they ate or needed to make clothing or tents out of. And then different people came here killed and destroyed the Indians way of life, destroyed the most precious gift God gave them.
Now catch a glimpse of their proverbs they told to their young, the stories that little’s listened to by the camp fire, as you would by your fireplace.
Here’s a small portion and a few that caught my eyes. Read and go back in time when the buffalo ran wild, the arrows flew throw the air and listen maybe you’ll even catch the yells of the Indians that are the hunters for the tribe. The freedom, the air blowing through his hair as he rides his horse with great skills of not hold a reign in his hands while going at fast sped
 Daphne Moody Cherokee the daughter of :  The Cherokee Girl on Horse,
As she road her horse an Englishman saw her; her eyes full of merriment and abandon as he watched her body twist and turn along with the horse she rode. Free and happy.
she knew a lot about the land the plants, herbs to use and how to make sassafras tea from the sassafras tree’s roots.
His parents didn’t approve of his wife because she was Indian. wouldn’t you say that is sad? When the little girl would ask her Mother of her ancestry her mother would not answer her.
A proverb I liked from “Do not judge your neighbor until you walk two moons in his moccasins. —-Northern Cheyenne Proverb
There is so many proverbs, stories that you could learn from the Indians. There are sad stories and happy stories, great PROVERBS to live by. I recommend this book highly you can learn so much from this beautifully written book. Grab this book get a comfortable chair and cup of coffee and enjoy.
I received this beautiful book free from Health Communications for an honest review.
I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars


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