4/212/2014 posted review
                                                       ABUSING DONOR INTENT
                                                                   Doug White
In this beautifully written, eye opening, heart crying book what the Robertson family went through “SAD”. You will come to realize NOT to trust ANYONE especially with your families money keep an eye one what they do and that they honor the wishes of your family— people are human, some are good, some are thieves, some are trust worthy and faithful with everything, Then their are the ones that are in high offices in government and high offices in other business and all they care about is taking!!!!!!! Sad that our government and high office officials  has proven to be just as bad as the other countries like Russia, China you have the picture I am painting here. 
God Bless you Robertson Family for going after “PRINSTON UNIVERSITY’ for what they did to the legacy of your beloved family. Your family gave from their hearts and hard earned money, to help the University and the officials of Princeton stole the money to do with as they wished. I don’t feel that the University should have been able to keep ANY of that money and you should have been able to take  ALL THE MONEY and in trust it to some where  that would help people that needed help like build a dog housing, Housing for families that lost their homes due to the government and some place that treated your family with the respect that they deserved and the legacy they should have to be remembered for!!!!!!
The Robertson family donated millions from their fortune that they worked hard for to establish a foundation to benefit “PRINCETON UNIVESTIY” . Unfortunately Princeton did not honor Marie Robertson wishes and years later Marie children sued Princeton. GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!
First let me say the government and these people in office of other kinds feel they are so powerful they seem to think they can get by with whatever they want to and do what they want to just because they are in government offices and other offices in Universities  etc. It doesn’t matter to them that it  belongs to someone that worked hard with their blood, sweat and tears and they paid for what they have HONESTLY.
 The government takes land, businesses and homes as far as I am concerned ILLEGALY our government STEALS!!!!! The people in offices feel they can give it whom every they want or use it for what every they want to, just like the high powered people in other offices. When as Americans are we going to stand up to them and STOP the government that WE ELECTED to do as we want, NOT as they want to do for their benefit and take away our rights? We pay them they DON’T pay us. They aren’t doing the right job shouldn’t we be the ones to fire them and not another office in government???????? I don’t see that being done fair either, they just let them stay in.
God Bless you Robertson Family for going after “PRINSTON UNIVERSITY” for what they did to the legacy of your beloved family. Your family didn’t have to leave them anything and to tell the truth I am sorry they did.
With all that said for you to think about here’s another thought for the people that maybe thinking about donating to a University, a government project or what ever else is out there– leave the legacy for your kids by putting the money where the kids may have their hearts like animal shelters (honest ones), the wild horse whales, animals of the ocean a child that might have lost both parents that could use the money to help them, where you have someone honest watching over the money constantly.
If you are thinking of donating big sums of money PLEASE I urge you to grab this book and inhale all the words in this beautifully written book, that was written with their tears, their hurts and their hearts for Marie Robertson legacy a woman that gave because she thought Princeton U. would do as she asked. I recommend this book highly. Great wealth is in this book.
I received this book from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-55778-909-9

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