HOSTAGES by: Terrence Crimmins

                                                                                                             4/19/2014 Reviewed
                                                              Terrence Crimmins
Tom was in college, had just graduated and he works part time at a Pizza Place. Tom liked the owner and his wife, they were great people. When the owner asked Tom to deliver a pizza. Tom couldn’t refuse even though this was the day Tom graduated.
Tom had hesitated then decided to do it because the owner and his wife was always good to Tom and Tom felt he owed him this favor since everyone else is gone to their graduation and parties so  the owner has no one else to help him on this day, yes the day of all days Tom’s graduation too.
Now starts Tom’s adventure that may change him forever and he doesn’t even know it is going to happen. Tom takes the pizza where is it is to be delivered, only to be taken as hostage and what will he do and whom will he trust. Is there anyone to trust? What IF he trust the wrong person better yet doesn’t trust what his girlfriend is trying to tell him about himself.
This type of terrorist can easily come here and do exactly this. So read, learn and keep your eyes open. What terrorist and drug cartel will do to get what they want— MONEY!!!
Seems America always gets involved some how don’t they? Why do people REALLY hate America?
The innocent get hurt or killed for what? Does the media care about the people or only their news paper and stories? Scary, you bet, I would be, what about you? What would you do? Maybe call on God?
This book shows how the News Media plays a roll in getting things started and keeping it stirred up and more times then not helps the bad people not the good people. Just like they do now. 
Keep your ears tuned in, your eyes sharp, your brain alert and your feet still so you don’t try to run after those bad guys. What a page turner — action in motion!! You will be on the edge of your seat wanting to do something to help those people and keep the news media at bay.
This book is not a big book but it sure packs a wallop  and maybe a lot of truth in it–you judge.
My last thought as I read this book is fine, if you hate us Americans and hate our ways and freedom there’s not a fence around America  leave our country and stay happy in your own!!!!!!!!! We’re happy here, there’s no other country in the world like America!!!!! Our government could use a good make over!!!!
With that said enjoy the book and see what you think. It really is a great read, action packed and an eye opener. So grab this book. I recommend it highly.
I received this book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-9913783-0-2
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