Havens of Pompeii by: Nicole Louw

                                                                                                    4/19/2014 Review
                                                    HAVENS OF POMPEII
                                                           Nicole Louw
The cover is beautiful– I love to look at covers first, they tell a story in them selves.
This book is based in life events that although are true this book is fiction. With that said here we go.
From the town of Herculaneum, is a man named Valerus. This man is struggling with the fact his Gladiator days are over and he has to find a new way of life even though he hates the thought. He believes in more then one God.
while Flavia is the most beautiful slave girl around. She is Shy, beautiful and hiding the fact that she is also a Christian slave girl. Even in those days Christians had to worry. As it is Valerus buys her for his Dad only to be attracted to her. They of course have to hide this from his Father and everyone else.
In this beautifully written book you’ll see that even Christians back then were killed, beaten inprisioned, as they are still in other countries.
this is a wonderful book of a slave Christian showing the life of Christ in her for a young man to see the way a true Christian lives.
There are two Roman men that want what Valerus has and they want it very much, no matter cost, Valerus wants to keep it too. So it is Romans against Valerus.
I recommend this book highly. It is a beautifully written book from page one to the end. A lot of action.
I received this great read free from Smith Publiscity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-4620-1973-1
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