Killing Jesus

                                                                                                                                                                        4/16/2014 Posed
Stephen Mansfield

First may I say don’t think this is going to be a fast read. It is not it will make you stop and do some serious thinking about the death of one of the most famous man in History. Isn’t it funny that even the atheist still talk about Jesus? They must be interested or they would just drop it because if he never was and never will be why fight about it let us Christians alone to ponder and pray to OUR JESUS.

The Prologue got my heart’s attention right away. No book has done that!!! I think it will grab you too. It will also tell the depths of what this author went to so he could bring The Conspiracy of Jesus to you so you can understand the way they plotted to kill our Jesus,our Savior our Lord. The murder of Jesus, described in all its brutality and gore.

I thought this would be a fast read like I said at the beginning of this review. You need to stop grab a cup of coffee or tea or coke take some hankies with you too, go ahead you will need it, take a sandwich too, because you are going to want to settle back and close your eyes and vision our Jesus walking the streets, riding his donkey, or crying for his beloved people. The ungodly men that abuse our Jesus, will get to you. You will shed tears as you walk along with the people and see what and how they conspired against Jesus.

I wondered how many times Jesus must have wept for his Jerusalem his chosen people when they denied him, when they never stood up for him. How many times did he look at his hands those hands that took nails for us, the blood he shed for us and OUR sins not his OUR’ S. 

When I look at the picture on the cover each time before I open the book to read these words “The Unknown Conspiracy Behind The World’s Most Famous Execution”. My heart aches and I am sadden of what our Jesus went through just to save us. If I cry wonder how many tears he must shed as he sees his children fall short and they go against his very word that saves them? How many tears of blood does he shed for us and how many times does he forgive and takes us back?

I read some of the pages closed my eyes not sure if it were to hold back the tears that un shamefully fell from my closed eyes and rolled down my cheeks as I pondered on the words and my mind pictured the scene of what I just read. 

The people saw with their own eyes the miracles Jesus performed for people when they asked for his help. Yet they betrayed him too, they yelled for his blood to be shed on a cross what a cruel death. They watched and wanted him to die fast they were tired of waiting and yelled at him did any try to stop this horrible, horrible death? No not one.

You read as the king Herod the Great conspired to kill Jesus and they waited for the right time but you will see what king has him killed. Even one of his disciples betrayed him sad and he was taught by Jesus he knew the miracles of Jesus, walked with Jesus,prayed with Jesus and ate with Jesus.

King Henrod the Great was one of the meanest men that ruled Jerusalem. He was married 10 times killed his wives and their sons his uncles,Mother-in-laws and brother-in-law. Wow who wouldn’t wanted to be related to him? 
He was the king who killed so many innocent babies born to 2 years of age hoping to have killed the King that would be coming (Jesus).

I truly understand the critical details of the crucifixion of Jesus. It brings light to Jesus betrayal. They felt that the destined King to rule that the true King (Jesus) over Israel, there was no choice, this chosen one must die. 

It took Jesus 6 hours to walk 13 miles from Jericho. Jesus stayed at a man’s named Zakkai house and in one night Zakkai changed from being a traitor to Israel to a righteous man. WOW.

This is really a moving book for your soul- the book is truly a must read for new Christians and old ones alike. I recommend it highly.

I give this book a 5 star (plus if I could)
I was given this book free from Worthy Publishers  for an honest review. They did not say I had to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinion is mine and no one else’s. 


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