4/4/2014 Posed Review
                                                         SINCERELY YOURS
  First let me say since there are 4 wonderful stories under this beautiful cover. Hats off to the designer !!!!!!!!! I call it pastels of Pinks, Cream colors and Lavender going into a little darker color of Purple very beautiful and smoothing clear to the soul. A very interesting cover I must say!!
There is scriptures at the beginning of each story which I feel is a nice touch. I love the book of Psalm it is my favorite especially Psalm 23 I go to sleep with that in my mind.
I say this for all four of these stories they had me from page one. Kept me on the edge of my seat, on my toes and turning the pages as fast as I could go.
                                                      MOONLIGHT PROMISE
                                                         Laurie Alice Eakes
New York City
May 23, 1825
I so love to read this time in History. Nathaniel and Camilla are really neat people to read about.
As you start to feel one thing is happening you get a jolt by going a different direction. So it keeps you on your toes to see what will happen next in this captivating story.
There is all kind of characters hiding around each corner — so hold on, you don’t know which character will hop off the page at you.
This story also shows we sometimes need to be on our knees and wondering where all hope will come from  That is when we know the only place left we can turn to is our God, that is when we realize our hope lays in God.
                                                   LESSONS IN LOVE
                                                          Ann Shorey
This story takes place in:
July 1858
This story is woven like a fine tapestry waiting for the final touch of Love to be added to finish it.
Watch as this story weaves in and out of places before it reaches it’s final destination.
Merrie is writing advice for Kelpler’s Home weekly, Merrie always signs her writings M. M. So Mr Kelper thinks it’s a man writing marriage advice. Oh my what will he do if he finds out M stands for Merrie not a man but a woman?
She maybe single but God gave her writing skills and knowledge to write about helping married couples. Mr Kelper wants to meet M. M. Oh my how will Merrie pull this off—-
Will God have other plans in store for Merrie??
                                                    OH LITTLE WORD
                                                     Amanda Cabot
You’ll have to read what Amanda says before she starts her story, it is very lovely. Thanks Amanda!!
The stage is set in:
 New York City
May 1892
Time is ticking for Lorraine Caldwell because she may lose her family fortune– you see it stipulates that she has to be married to receive the family fortune.
Is money really everything in life? Sometimes God’s plan is different then our plans, so what does God’s plans have in store for Lorraine and where will it take her?
This story has some very fascinating back ground to it and weaves all kind of people to make a tapestry of find cloth .
                                                           A SAVING GRACE
                                                            Jane Kirpatrick
Life does have it’s dilemmas doesn’t it?  As you will find while reading this beautiful story.
Grace gets a letter from Caroline and 8 year old daughter of Graces friend Rebecca,  Caroline is worried for her Mama and misses her terribly as Caroline doesn’t have a Father either.
Then Grace receive another letter from Rebecca’s friend saying that Rebecca refuses to leave the Sanatorium she is in. Graces’s friend is wasting away to nothing, Even though Rebecca knows that her 8 year old  daughter, Caroline wants her to come home she won’t leave. 
What is holding Rebecca there and why?
Will God help Grace find a way to the Sanatorium to help her friend and find an answer to why she refuses to leave in time?
To find out what happens to Grace, Rebecca and Caroline you’ll have to buy this wonderful book with all four stories in it.
If I had to choose one of the stories in this wonderful book, I could not do it because they all are fantastic!!!
I received this beautiful book free from Revell for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-8007-2204-3
Here is a link to look at please go on:
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