3/29/2014 Review Post
                                                               Summer of Joy
                                                              Ann H. Gabharat
The front cover is adorable. I remember those records 45’s and record players of 45’s and the big 33 records that had a lot more songs on it. Ok, Ok that truly tells my age doesn’t it, but what the good old days held for us. You young ones will never know the fun we had with our friends. Wow cell phone we never even knew of such a thing would be invented,  no cell phones we plum had to call on home phones then actually meet up with our friends where we made plans to meet and what actually talk to them what did you say text what is that???????? Nope never heard of such a monster. We truly had a ball outside in the weather of all kind!!!!
This beautiful story takes place in Hollyhill, KY. (not sure if there is a city such a place as Hollyhill) I lived across the river from KY. Beautiful state, beautiful horses.
With that said I better tell you about this beautiful story, right?
Seems the year is 1964. Good year, Life really seems simple, easy, worry free but is it? Maybe for awhile but you are about to go for a ride so hang on and turn the pages carefully and see what pops off the pages at you.
David works for the Hollyhill Banner the news paper in Hollyhill, Zella works in the front office of the same Banner. Seems Jocie and Wes work there too only in the press room. Jocie seems to be a very jolly and happy person just being herself. Very comfortable in her own skin (as they say).
This beautiful little town seems to stay the same year after year, nothing happens or changes, but it is about to take a change for the worse!!!!!!!
One person they thought was gone for good the other one was not know to anyone in town. What’s in store for the people in Hollyhill? 
Sorry you’ll have to grab this book and find out. I recommend it highly a good read.
I received this book free from Revell for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I expressed are entirely my own.
4 stars
ISBN 978-08007-3170-0
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