The Long Awakening

                                                                                                     3/24/2014 Review Posting

                                                        THE LONG AWAKENING
                                                               Lindsey O’Conner
I have been so blessed to review The Long Awakening in observance of Brain Injury Awareness for the Month of  March.
The cover is done in beautiful smoothing colors  and you can just feel the comfort sweep over you clear to your soul as you look at this book before you even open it.
To take the journey with Lindsey sit back relax and hold on, because you will need Kleenex, for your tears that will flow out of your eyes, down your cheeks onto your lap, and into your Kleenex for safe keeping as you see what Lindsey goes through, then you also will laugh with her, you’ll see the wonders of her trip that she starts to wonder if she hears her husband talking to her or she wonders what is going on and where is she, she remembers she has a baby daughter she gave birth to. The journey with Lindsey will show you what truly matters in life and that just  in a blink of an eye you just might not be with the people you love anymore. so you may just make a chose as you are reading this beautiful book, just what is really is the most important things in your life
Lindsey not sure what’s going on as she is laying there listening to her husbands voice. she can’t  make out if she is dreaming or if she really hears her husband talking to her. See she had a baby but on the same day the baby came into the world she left it.
To go a little further she’s in a book store so she is talking to a man in the book store and she says ” she has been at the edge where life meets death, hevered in another world, and came home without a pretty post card and I could not help but feel I had some how let him down”. Humm is she talking about her husband or maybe God?
To find out about the journey of one amazing woman, you will have to pick this book up and take the journey with Lindsey, read it, learn from it because there is a very important lesson,your  life can change as you know it.
I received this beautiful book free from Revell Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-8007-1876-3
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