3/9/2014 posted review
                                                   IN THE SHADOW of JEZEBEL
                                                            Mesu Andrews
The cover is so colorful and pretty. The scene is just beautiful on the cover and that drew me to the book— do you have the covers of books do that to you? I have picked many books by the cover and have not been dissatisfied with most of the story in side, Hmm.
At the beginning of this story King Abba is having a big party for every one as they are preparing to eat the messenger comes in with a message for the King. It is a scroll from Elijah whom has been dead for 10 years, he starts to read it then spills his wine all over the table. The Queen then takes the scroll and finishes what it says. The Queen fears it is actually from Elisha, Elijiah student– the scroll tells of what is to come to King Abba and his family. The Queen will not believe or hear of it.
In another place Ameriah the high Priest, a lot of priest and Levite did not show one man whom normally is quite spoke– “they stayed behind to protect their families from the invasion. So as they were having stones drawn out to get their assignments, they realized Yahweh knew them by name and was actually choosing the assignments for them. Yes Yahweh knows all are names doesn’t he?
Sheba is headed to Jezrul because Queen Athaliah. As they do not believe in Yahweh but in Baal. sheba is going to meet Gevirah Jizebaal.
Will Sheba find true love and the true God while she is at Jezreek to save her people?
I received this beautiful book from Revell free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions are entirely mine.
I recommend this book highly, not only does this book bring out the old testament with delight  but a wonderful story along with a Bible lesson. You will love it.
5 Stars
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