Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse

                                                         3/6/2014 Posted

                                  Whom God Has Blessed Let No Man Curse
                                                     Jermel W.  Shim
These are my first words for this book from the Bible I found, so I write:
              “The Lord has made everything for it’s own purpose, EVEN the wicked for DAYS  OF EVIL”   Proverbs 16:4
What may seem like a Blessing may not be!!!
Here Mr Shim says “Obama is our first Black President” that is not totally correct, First off Obama is 1/2 Caucasian, his Mother was Caucasian from Hawaii and his Dad black from Kenyan. Which then doesn’t make him our first black President, as you say in your book but black and white. Tell me why people tent to forget the part that Obama is 1/2 white?? Even in your book you do not mention that he is 1/2 white no part of that is in your book about Obama.
I would not mind a black President at all like Mr. Cain or even Mrs C. Rice then that would make not only her our first woman President but it,  would make her our first truly  black President. I like her a lot she is smart and gets along with other leaders and seems to know how to handle a crisis after all she’s been through a lot in the White House.
I was very upset that Mr Shim wrote in this book and made me feel as though he was saying ALL white people are racist. That to me makes him a racist in my mind for saying it that way.   I have a lot of Black friends and Spanish friends so as you see I can’t be racist!!!!!!!!!! I am sure a lot of white people have black and Spanish friends, which also means the black people  have white people as friends!!!!! which means we are not all racist as Mr Shim seems to claims whites are in his book.
On 9/11 President Bush protected our country and did not back down or they would have taken over USA . Is that what you wanted  Mr Shim?? President Bush told them if they attacked our country he would go after them, that is exactly what he did!!!!!!!!! He did not back down!!! Gotta Love Bush for that, he is not scared!!!!!!!
Katrina well, President Bush cared for the people and what happened there. You can’t blame President Bush for a natural disaster and they appreciated what he did for them when Katrina hit. President Bush also cares for our Military. He bikes and has the men and women over to his ranch and talks to them and their families to see how they are doing He cares!
 Cut the pay of the Military  that takes care of us, protects us and the all the people that say bad things about them, is down right Un-American  President Obama!! Shame on you!!! Where was that in the book?
Where is your President in a crisis Mr Shim? Seems he can’t lead! He always gives a line for the enemy not to cross then still does nothing about it. The Russians are in Ukraine killing and destroying the country what is Obama doing really to help the people in Ukraine. Where was the President and Hillary when our American people called for back up in  “Bosnia”? It was a terrorist  attack Mr. Shim!!!
Obama is not hated, disrespected or resented as much as other Presidents check it out read and study Mr Shim. Obama tend to blame everyone else for his failures, he has been in the White House long enough to start to grow up and take blame for himself for what he does. Obama is not a leader!!!!!! What’s he doing about Putin and Ukrain?
I could go on and on but I think you get the picture that I don’t agree with Mr Shim’s writing of Obama!!!!
Remember these are my opinions not the opinions of the publishers or anyone else. I am entitled to my opinions the same as Rush Limbaugh or anyone else. Even if you don’t like the opinions I gave.
You’ll love the book if you are an Obama fan if not then I wouldn’t suggest buying it unless you’d like to see what Mr. Shim has to say.
I received this book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
1 Star
ISBN 978-0-7414-9628-7
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