3/3/2014 posted
                                                                    David Herzog
Love the cover of this book. As always the cover is my first look at the books and a lot of  the times it’s the only reason I pick books, something my friend Patsy and I started years ago as a joke and it has stayed with us and has proven to work pretty good for us. Try it sometime.
If you have beautiful natural teeth and get a toothache that gives you sleepless nights forget the dentist and paying out that kind of money —- chew on a clove of garlic– sounds terrible if you don’t like garlic there’s always the dentist.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic but the dentist won’t tell you that will he???????
Dark circle’s under your eyes ladies grab a vitamin K cream or supplement Ok guys you can too.
Getting old like me then want to reverse old age– it’s in this beautiful book to “Healthy Living” Jumpstart. Alzheimer’s help your parents so they won’t get it just grab this book and it will tell you how.
You’ll find different healthy foods, drinks to substitute for your none healthy food and drinks and they are good. Can’t beat that!
This beautiful, helpful book of Healthy Living with Miracle of Super Foods, New Weight Loss Discoveries and Anti aging Techniques can you believe more is in this book. This book may be your answer to “Obamacare” you’ll need the dentist less, DR less Hopefully. After all some of your Dr’s aren’t even on your insurance anymore.
REMEMBER:  these are my opinions not the publishers or authors but mine entirely!!!!!
God had plans when he created Earth and us that we would never need Drs. but things didn’t work out that way. So these books with great information are here to help you and me.
I recommend this book highly. Grab it enjoy it and you will find yummy foods and drinks in here.
I received this beautiful yummy book free from Booketeria for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-62136-595-2
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