Now tell me this isn’t adorable?

                                                    ROVER GET OFF HER LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                                 Darlene Arden
You’ll just love the cover if you are a dog lover like I am. Catchy title isn’t it?  Hmm makes you wonder  what the book is really about doesn’t it? Well I’ll give you a little insiders insight ok?
There was an incident that happened at the dog park. The lady that took her dog was a dog trainer none the less. Although it turned out great it could been a disaster —- I would never let my beloved dogs off their leashes and trust another dog. If  I was at a park where they should have leashes on their dogs they better have leashes on their dog, no excuses that’s why there are rules to follow. My pups are my family and I am their protector and they are mine, but having them safe is my main concern. Too many dogs get hurt at dog parks because people not the dogs, but the owners don’t follow and obey the rules set up by the Parks. My friend (my pups nurse matter-in-fact) had her dog on a leash and the other lady and guy let their dog run loose he lunged at my friends dog and killed him. Sad but true, no one needs that!!!!!!!
They talk about Basic training 101. The thing is if your dog behaves he’s probably welcome anywhere ok not the store or Church God might not mind him being there after all he created the pup didn’t he?  You know what I mean, right? I knew you did.
Another thing to remember if you’ve never had a dog and you are thinking seriously about a dog for the family, you just might want to do some research on the pups that you have in mind for example if you don’t like being herder by a dog then don’t get a Collie they are beautiful, loving and will protect your children even if it means giving up their own life. Cocker Spaniels are sports dogs they like to chase birds you know that sporting instinct in them just like the herding instinct in the Collie, Well then you have the Aussie they too love herding sheep. Irish Sitters Bird Dogs beautiful dogs but they can run faster then the wind can blow, believe me!!! I have had all these dogs and I loved then enjoyed them and don’t mind if they want me in a different place then I am and they herd me where ever. That’s loving your pet. but please, please do your research no dog needs to go to the pound or loose their home because YOU didn’t do your research.
There is all kind of helpful information before and after you choose your pet, that is in this beautiful book. I enjoyed it very much. I don’t feel you will regret buying this book.
I received this beautiful book free from HCI for an honest review. I was not require to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
Thanks Lori for another wonderful book that still helps me with information for my beloved pups.
5 Star
ISBN-13: 978- 0-7573-0544-3
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