2/24/2014 Review’T THIS ADORABLE!!!!!!
                                                         THE ULTIMATE DOG LOVER
                                                           Marty Becker, D. V. M
The cover of this book is so adorable. Don’t you think? I love to look at the covers first.
This book has so many really adorable, colorful pictures and they look like you can just pick them up and wrap your arms around them and hug the daylights out of these furry babies and wait for those wonderful licks of love.
Tere’s one picture with a dog and a baby in the tub, so cute puts a smile on your face to boot. Then there’sone with a kitty now if that isn’t love nothing is.
I have to say I was a little disappointed Marty , as my heart sank because  there were no Cocker Spaniels
in any of those pictures. I love Cockers Had one since I was a baby, still have one. Apache is as smart as a whip ( don’t care what other books say that cockers aren’t that smart, I am here to tell you my boy is very smart. He makes up ball games on the stairs for me and him to play now that is smart yes)? Plus they are very beautiful dogs for sure!!
The stories in this book make me down right laugh out loud, smile,and be amazed and yes cry so bring them Kleenex along. Never go with out Kleenex.
Like the story of a beautiful German Shepherd running and playing in the river, how cute is that? Then there was a sad story (here’s where the Kleenex come in handy). this one about Toby a Poodle, the owner had to take Toby to the vet, I just knew what was coming next because I went through the same thing with my Collie She got to the vet and the old memories of my beautiful Collie came rushing back in like it was just today. It’s heart breaking and leaves avoid in your heart as well as your home. It seem as though the warmth of my house had been sucked out and the air was heavy to breathe, even after 18 years still is fresh in my mind and heart, it never goes away.  I just couldn’t read any more. I had to close the book until later.
Although we as dog lovers know God gives us to short of time with our beloved furry family. I still cry as I think of my pups all of them. Remember as they get sick they need you for comfort as much as you need them and their comfort when you don’t feel good. We all get sick that’s life. I love to hold and hug my pups when they are not feeling good, so they know that I care and I am there for them. They understand believe me.
This book is filled with stories of all kind funny, sad, helpful information and some you probably wanted answers to look here and see if you find it among the pages.
Of course there’s more to the stories then that. So you’ll have to get the book and  read all the information.
I recommend it highly for the dog lover in us. I feel so blessed to have been able to receive and read this beautiful book. I love this author Marty Becker D. V. M.
 If God would answer one prayer I’d want my puppies forever.
I received this beautiful book free from HCI, INC for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 13: 978-0-7573-0750-8
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