2/17/2014 Posed Review
                                                               SILK ARMOR
                                                            Claire Sydenham
Didem teaches Turkish  language to an American. American money is worth more then the money there. But as Didem comes into the house late her Father is waiting for her. He is not happy. He says” I told you, if you cannot handle both your chores and school you cannot go to school”. Her Father smacks her, But she waits because she knows her Father well. Then she hands him money and tells him she has been teach an American Turkish. He takes the money looks at it and puts it in his pocket now she knows he is ok that she is late, the American money is worth more then theirs is.
Didem finds she is falling for the American– But does he feel the same for her or does he just see her as his tutor learning Turkish the language he wants to learn?
Didem father took a trip to university housing director Sevgi room only with veiled girls, a request that was granted the first year then forgotten.
This boo tells of what Didem goes through  as she deals with her dilemma about Victor, school and her Father, and wearing the veil that she feels she sees the world has it should be when she wears her veil.
you have to stay with this book. I think it has to do with the words to understand the book is in the front pages and to keep turning back and forth was hard for me to do and keep the story line going.
It is a good story if you can keep the story line going while flipping back to the front pages.
I received this book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own 
4 Stars
ISBN 978615774749
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