2/15/2014 Posted Review
                                                               THE JESUS BIBLE
The cover is very interesting.  This is a children’s Bible from Zondervan. It maybe a kids Bible but I really liked it to use along with my Bible. (just a kid at Heart). In the front it has the Simplified family tree of Jesus, I just loved reading this part. Very interesting to me and I think that children need to be able to get to this quickly and know Jesus family and to learn it (wish I had this in my bible when I was younger). I never really heard of Jesus family in my Church growing up did you?
You’ll discover Jesus in every book of the Bible. There’s prayers on the bottom of the pages for example: Jesus Forever and it tells of Jesus from beginning to end–then a Prayer.
Like Jesus to the Rescue–Amen we know he’s always with us no matter if we are in our darkest hour or if we are happy, he NEVER leaves us. Let us not leave and forget him when things goes our way and only call on him in the darkest hours of our life.
Psalm 23 I remembered parts of it as a child– but decided that everyday from now on it will be what I say and learn and keep close at heart. Psalm 23 in this Bible is simplified for a child but since I read it as a child from my Fathers old Bible I think for myself I like the words out of my Father’s Bible. Children will probably understand the Jesus Bible words better.
This Bible has eleven great features added in it. There are beautiful maps in the back of this Bible. It really has extra help and I like it for myself to read with my own Bible. This is still a very good Bible for a child.
I recommend it highly for your child.
I received this beautiful Bible from booklook free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0310-726005 
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