THE DANIEL FAST By John and Anne Marie Cavazos

                                                                            2/16/2014 Post review

                                                        THE DANIEL FAST
                                                  John and Anne Marie Cavazos
The answer to a persons  prayers that wants to fast but can’t stop eating altogether because of taking medicine like I do and you need food on your tummy before taking your medicine. So here is the answer to your prayer “The Daniel Fast”.
You are more likely to stick to your fast when you can prepare delicious recipes — many of which are 100% Gluton and dairy free and vegan–
I was excited when I saw this book and I had to order it because my friends where talking about the Daniel Fast for awhile now I can too. So when I finally received it in the mail I tore open the envelope likes a kids getting a Christmas gift and I had to start reading it. 
I love veggies and all kinds of fruit so this is up my alley. The thing I wish they had was cold fruit soups like the cruise lines have (that’s one of the reason’s I love to go one cruises the cold soups, yes they are the best) Can you find some of them for me Anne Marie??
This book is loaded with recipes that are healthy — If your like me I don’t like some of the veggies that’s in this book but hey we can substitute can’t we or just leave that one out, of course we can we are women and we are entitled to do that .
This book has all kind of good healthy food. Now does anyone know how to make the cold soup like the cruise lines do??
also the reason I love this book this couple is from not only Orlando, Florida where I live John Cavazos sings at EPCOT (Disney) where I work. Oh how I’d like to meet them.
So grab this book and Fast the Daniel way and get healthy too. Get Closer to God by fasting!!!!!!!!!!!
I recommend it highly. Good health can’t be bought you have to work on it. Let’s work on it together ok?
I received this book free from Booketeria for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-6136-571-6
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