Click here to view larger imageISN’T HE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!


                                                                                                2/11/2014 posted review
                                        DO CATS ALWAYS LAND ON THEIR FEET?
                                            Marty Becker DVM and Gina Spadafori
I love the cover, the cat is a Bengal across between the small Asian Leopard Cat and domestic cat about 40 years ago. Pretty isn’t he, Cosmo is his name.
Yes cats land on their feet most of the time and the way they do it is very amazing story– you don’t want to let your kitty try to jump from a 10 foot high building though a lot of cats have been injured or even killed jumping from high places.
We find that cats are now becoming more popular in the house hold then they used to be. Interesting story.
Cats are more independent then dogs. Seems they want petted only when they want you to pet them Hmm, unlike the affection that dogs enjoy with their Human family. So do you like the independent cat or a dog that is like Velcro? I have a dog that is like having a pair of socks, she is so close that nothing could get between us and I love it she’s my Velcro pup.
Why do cats chase the laser light. They see the movement and they also keep up their hunting skills. Hey dogs chase the laser light too, either that or my cocker, Aussie and Welchie think they are cats–Hmm!!!!!!!!!
If you are wondering what a hair ball is this book has the answer for you.
Want to know how to stop a cat fight? Hmm that’s what they use to call girls that got in a fight when I was in school. Do you think that this method would work on them too???
This beautiful book has so much information for a cat lover. It truly is a must have. I recommend it highly. You’ll be glad you bought it.
I love this Author. I have several books by him and they all are great and really informative.
What a wonderful book to add to my library and my library is growing by leaps and bounds with wonderful books that I can go back to if I have questions, I get answers. I just orders some books and Bible from my Christian book store.
I received this beautiful book from HCI for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 0-7573-0573-3 
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