2/11/2013 Posted
                                                               PRIME OF LIFE
                                                                P. D. Bekendan
Cute Cover. Sorry I always look at the cover first and even pick a lot of my books by cover alone, most turn out to be very good stories.
I am Sure we all have said “this job is so stressful, maybe just maybe I’ll find a job that isn’t. That is unrealistic there are stress in every job you will ever find and ever have. I worked two jobs the whole time I raised my kids by myself every job I had, had stress of some kind related to it. Some just a little less then others. But I always tried to have fun at my job no matter which one I was at. Can you relate to this??
Ben is one of these people, that thinks he will find a stress free job, not going to happen Mr. He also wants a little freedom thrown in, ok he can probably get a little more freedom granted then he had. Even though he found a different job there was still stress but he liked it and it was less, not free remind you less stress, ok he got a little more freedom.
Ben leaves his profession and starts to work as a janitor— cleaning toilets and rooms– yep I know doesn’t sound exciting does it but hey I do that for a living at Disney, I don’t mind it and I love the cast members I work around ( like I said I try to have fun at my job). So see where he got his job not at Disney I can tell you that.
We all run away from something– but God’s plans are not our plans and he’ll find away to put you right where you need to be.
This books will have you laughing, crying and above all praying, then you will thank God for all he does do for you.
I loved the epilogue — really is beautiful— Now, Now no cheating read the whole story– then the epilogue will be truly more beautiful to you.
May this story stay with you long in your journeys you may travel.
I received this beautiful book free from Worthy Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
4 Stars
ISBN 978-1-61795-227-2
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