39 Ways Not To Kill Your Best Friend

                                                                                                                    2/10/2014 posted review
                                           39 WAYS NOT TO KILL YOUR BEST FRIEND
                                                         DR. Judith Samson-French
I truly love this cover!!!! The black dog is beautiful, and he looks like he is saying all I need is love, a warm bed and you.
Since I have three beautiful furry family members I wanted to learn “Not what to do”. To save my babies. This  book is a tear jerker so have plenty of Kleenex handy so you can grab them as needed. I grabbed a lot!!!! This was a hard read for me as a lot of the stories broke my heart into tiny pieces. The tears rolled down my cheeks as story after story took another piece of my heart.  I cried a lot at stupid mistakes we as humane make cause we think we are so smart. Thank Good for good Vet’s that care. I know there are some that don’t they just want the mighty dollar, so be very careful as you do research to find that special Vet that truly has you babies at heart.  
My pups sat so close as I read this book and my pups would lick my cheeks to take the tears away, that  I could feel their hearts beat and the love of each beat and them saying we’re here don’t cry. Aren’t pups just precious?
This book through telling the tragedies of each puppies stories, also gave good advise for you to use so you don’t have to go through what these people did, it saves you heart ache and pain that is hard to forget or stop feeling.
For example:
The Story of the choker chain. You’ll have to read this story no choker chain you’ll say!!!
 I had one for my puppy once.  I remember this as if it were yesterday but it has been 38 years ago. My Dad came to visit his grandchildren after work as he did every day. He saw the pup and kissed us all good bye with in 40 min. my wonderful Father was back, didn’t say a word he just bend down took the choker off and through it away and had a very lovely collar that he slipped around the pups neck. As I stared at  him with a smile that would melt your heart he said “a lot prettier wouldn’t you say? ‘No chokers for our pups” We never bought a choker again. Lesson learned. He was an Irish Sitter, always took my Fathers hat off every time he visited his grandchildren.
This book has so many sad stories — but maybe it will some day save the life of your beloved furry family member. That is why she decided to write this book DR Judith Samson- French loves animals that is why she is a Vet. to try and save animals.
Thank you Judith for a wonderful book I pray this will help me protect and guard and give  my beloved pups along and happy life now and in the future, May God always guide Judith’s hands and her heart.
I loved this book I’d give it more then a 5 Stars if I could. I recommend it highly for the dog lover or anyone thinking of getting a pup. Read this book first and go from there. I say grab this book find a loving dog and enjoy life like you never have before!!!!!!!!!!!
I received this book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have express are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-00-99172402-4
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