2/9/2014 Posted
                                                  NOTES for a DOCTOR’S POCKET
                                                          Robert D. Lesslie, M.D.
Stories of what the Dr went through in E. R. and hospital with other Doctors, Nurses and Police. Oh yep you heard me right Police. Makes you want to find out doesn’t it??
The saddest story was a six your old little boy. The parents and grandparents. Seems to be a little harder on the grandparents because they feel pain for their children and their grandchildren, yet they seem to be left standing alone in a corner in a room with no one around them just their thoughts weighing heavy in the air. It seems their pain must go further then anything else as it is etched across their faces and in their eyes.
Patient leave an impressions on Doctors and Nurses some good some bad. Some of them are remembered long after the years have passed on.
The Doctor leaves notes of things he jotted down when talking to a patient or hearing what they say, he kept them for reasons unknown. He puts them forgetting into a pocket to be forgotten or placed in a book to lay on a stand and not looked at until one day a patient said something and DR Lesslie decided to go back through books, pads and pockets and see what he might find. Some may call them treasures of the pass or some may call them prayers of the present. What would you call them?? I’d call them a little of both.
This caught me off guard ” the strangest thing the DR. ever saw== he thought a woman that thought she was possessed and tore her tongue out== ouch right!!!!! Or the fella who kept his cheap wine bottle in his wooden leg Hmm I wondered what they did with their bottles.
This book will really have you thinking about the hospitals you read the twist and turns that this Doctor tells you of stories of E. R. There are really good stories and sad stories and ones you wonder about. When you go to the hospital you may just look at it a little differently now.
Wonder what our Doctors could share with us or do we really want to know?
Do you believe in Angels of course you do don’t you????
There will be stories that will make you smile and stories that will make you cry so take plenty of Kleenex with you if you head to the patio to read and you cry don’t worry what the neighbors think you know why you are showing feelings as you read.
Seeing what goes on E. R. HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!
I received this book from Harvest House Publishers free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
5 Stars
ISBN: 978-0-7309-5480-8
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