2/7/2014 Post review
                                                     THE DOG DIET A MEMOIR
                                                              Patti Lawson
This is a cute, interesting book cover.
What my dog taught me about shedding pounds, licking stress and getting a NEW LEASH ON LIFE. This is so true– you can learn so much from love -to trust, forgiveness to the one that will give his/her life to save yours (ask the police dog that goes on parole with the cop that is his partner). That is truly dedication is it not???? I know I would trust my dogs more then a person.
It has revving up your metabolism take your dog for a walk or is it like me ( Cassie seems to say hey I want to lead the way, yes that is my Aussie girl). I want to say no girl I am the leader of the pack but if you could see her– she just melts my heart as does apache and Cricket. My pups has shone me so much love and when tears fall they lick them away with love.
This beautiful book has shopping list for you,( wonderful food on the list some I know, some I scratch my head saying what the is this, some I wouldn’t put in my mouth). Shopping list for the pup. Again some on the list my Vet said not to use–so guess it will be your call. And yes there are some Yummy recipes.
I really love this book. Written really beautifully. another addition for my library. I recommend this lovely book highly I love these kinds of books.
If you want to just relax and have a smile of a day then this is a book for you so take a ice tea and get a soft chair on the patio and and relax with your dogs, cats or by yourself and enjoy!!!!!
HAPPY READING with a smile!!!!!!!!!!
I received this book free from HIC for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own.
Thank you Lori.
5 Stars
ISBN: 10:0-7573-0394-3
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