JUDAS GOAT
                                                                    Perry Stone
I so love this cover– It drew my eyes to it. So of course I needed to get it to read.
The temptation not to forgive hit me right between the eyes– why  well because I’ve been wrestling with the idea of what my older sister had done to not only my Mother but my sister and me. I could for give her easier if it were just me but our whole family. I go to God in prayer he is the only one that can guide me.
This book is only 243 pages but it carries a great message for all who read it and react upon the words. There’s places in this book you will want to stop think back on your life and see what you need to do about those circumstances., then above all else pray for guidance in what God wants you to do maybe different then your thoughts on it.
Learn what to do with betrayal we all go through — some times with just people we meant, maybe a person we thought of as a friend or even one of our family members.
Have you heard of calling Someone an “Old Goat” or does that really tell my age? Well actually it’s not being disrespectful — but a term to identifying a person who was always butting heads with everyone and noising into situations where they were not invited– know someone like that?
Few believers need to read the resume of Judas Iscariot, the personally chosen apostle of Christ who will fully chose to betray the Savior= ( I know this but are you like me and did not know his last name)?
Judas Goat was the name of an actual goat especially trained to work at a slaughter house — This is interesting to read how this goat reminds you of Judas and so it is called =Judas Goat you’ll have to get this book and see what this says.
There’s chapters on who is sitting in your third chair very interesting makes you think==
There’s Chapter on Believers who are Vexed By A Devil hmm=  Read Matthew 15:22, KJV
this is a must have. I recommend this book highly.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-62136-521-1
I received this wonderful book free from Booketeria for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed our entirely my own and no one else’s. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest.
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