1/28/2014 Posted
                                                      THRASHING ABOUT WITH GOD
                                                                 Mandy Steward
Her first chapter talks about why she wrote the book. She wrote it for you and me!!! She wanted us on a narrow path of our own. She also so says “If you have accepted Grace you have it always”.
Her book really wants us to rely on God. The way the book is written is really a different and neat way of describing us– well at least me, maybe not you per say, you’d have to decided that for yourself. 
Like if you feel you have to help a friend but after you talk to him and he doesn’t get it, then you feel that you failed him. No you didn’t!!!!!! He has to listen and decide  on his own what to do and trust in God and follow what or where God leads him, NOT YOU!!! After we talk to our friends we walk away let God handle it after all he’s actually better then we are if you care to check it out, ok?
She Tells us that if we fear of our friends not needing our friendship— Have you felt that way? I have my friends were always smarter then I was.
                                 This book talks about for example here are a few:
< Running
< So
< Labeled
Yep those are some of the titles to the chapters, short sweet and to the point.
She really gives you something to think of about yourself, your life and how to try to handle things.
Don’t you wonder how Jesus keeps up with all our dilemmas?
Can you answer the question —- Why do you believe in Jesus? that was one of her questions– it took me back a bit then I did some serious thinking—- why I believe in Jesus: Is it because no one else could make a beautiful skies like we have with fluffy clouds, trees leaves that turn beautiful colors in the fall, the ocean so deep you can’t see the bottom and the fish in it, the Mountains so tall that they have snow on them while the valley is green with flowers blooming or when I pray and want a pray for something and don’t get the answer I want later to say I’m glad I didn’t get that and then when I need comforting I feel Jesus arms softly hold me.  That enough to show me why I believe in Jesus.  
It’s really a nice read. Get the beautiful written book and see what message you get from it.
Happy Reading
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0-7814-0825-7
I received this book free from David C. Cook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
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