1/23/2014 Post Review
                                                                Big Daddy Weave
I LOVE this cover. Let me say “I Love Big Daddy Weave song Redeemed.” Hard to find by the way. If you haven’t heard it please listen to it because this book is based on his song and it goes along so well with his book “REDEEMED”.  And yes you heard me correctly, that is his songs title too. Great right?
This book “Redeemed” is about his song, so you must get his song and listen to it too, Have fun hunting for it I have a hard time every time I go to my Christian book store to pick it up. So I hope you find it along with his book they go hand in hand. The book says a lot and it makes you think of yourself and your struggles. The book goes into a deeper detail and thoughts of course then the song does.
At the end of each chapter there’s room ( don’t write to big or a lot) for you to write your thoughts down on that chapter and how you feel about what he said.
At the beginning of the chapters he either writes scripture or something someone said for example: this one caught my eye by Charles Swindoll ” A tear drop on earth  summons –the King of Heaven. Isn’t that beautiful and so like our Lord to hear just a tear drop to summons him.There’s also more Promises from God’s word with scripture which gives it a very nice touch. 
The Timely tip that I liked was: Grief is a part of our lives, as are God’s Promises to heal our hearts. Seek him and rest in his love. So many times I had to do that. It sure is nice to feel our Heavenly Fathers arms around you when you need comforting.
I love the thought that Big Daddy Weave tells in his book we are REDEEMED from Tears, Shame, from the Ghost of the past. We will be redeemed and not who I use to be. And all we have to do is talk to God. God’s love, forgiveness and peace surpasses all Human understanding– all we have to do is except our Lord and Savior.
If you are looking for the love, understanding,forgiveness and peace God can give you no matter what you’ve done or been through then this is a book you MUST read,ponder on. Then grab his CD as well if it stays on the shelf long enough and you can hear the beauty of the story in Big Daddy Weave’s voice.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-60587-522-4
I received this book free from Worthy Publishing for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.  
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