12/20/2013 post review

                                                         JOURNEY TO RAINBOW ISLAND
                                                                          Christie Hsiao
The cover caught my eye!!!!!!! love the cover a neat dragon, child and beautiful colors behind what looks like a cave opening. So on that I just had to read this book plus it sounded so good and it was. Besides there is a little child in each one of us and I love reading children’s stories — They take me back a few years and plunges me back into childhood. It’s good for everyone to step into a child’s book once in awhile.
there’s a young girl named Yu-Ning that was on Rainbow Island. The Island is perfect, beautiful, and she thought was safe until—- a nasty dragon called the Absidigon returns from the grave to Rainbow Island.
Yu-Ning means love and serenity. She had powerful spiritual and healing gifts. On the Island there is Mangos and Papaya trees fresh fruit that the children loved to eat. They are happy and enjoy themselves.
Romeo is Yu-Ning friend. Rome had a dream filled with many dark faces, and one face in particular. It was large and black, with yellow, dead looking eyes, almost like stone.
Rainbow land is a Magical land with trees that their branches swept down grab hold of the children carries them high into the tree. This is a wonderful safe place until one day—Yu-Ning friend is missing and the island sacred Crystal’s have disappeared and now the Island it’s self is on fire.
Yu-nig has got to go to a place unsafe,and find a weapon long ago they thought was gone forever— she must find those crystals at all cost! Will she find what she is looking for and full fill her destiny and save her friend.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-193952924-4
This book kept me on my toes –ok I am a kid at heart but I so enjoyed this book and I feel you will too it really is a great read. I recommend it highly.
HAPPY TRAVELING  to the Land of Rainbow Island! But be careful you never know what may lurk around the tree.
I received this beautiful book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
Thanks Mindi for a great book and for believing in me.
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