One Last Hug Before I Go

                                                                                      12/11/2013 posted review

                                                       ONE LAST HUG BEFORE I GO
                                                           Carla Wills-Brandon,Ph.D.
 Carla little boy had a invisible friend visit him- one day while Carla was driving her son Josh asked if Damus  couldn’t drive the car. Carla’s son told her he was a big boy with red hair. She looked in the review mirror and saw no one.
 Months later Carla asked her Rabbi Jimmy if he heard of the term “Damus” her Rabbi looked up and said yes he had it means “Messenger of Death”. The Angel of Death” or Messenger of Death” is a positive being who helps assists the dying. Carla’s son had seen and talked to the Messenger of Death, when Carla had asked her son what he was there and Josh said for “Da” (that is what the kids called their grandfather).
So when your child does tell you see someone and talks to them maybe just maybe you may want to check in and see what that person or vision means.
This beautiful book tells about visions people have some young some teens and some old (ok let’s watch the old stuff ok) some people talk to their “Guardian Angel” some just say they talk to a man, regardless you may want to take a good look and listen carefully at what they say as they lay on their death bed, it may just surprise you or wake you up to how much God really does love you and your family.
Carla had said “her father-in-law had been a die hard atheist. But as we know, God has his plans and God is our Father of miracles.
I know I lost my brother as a baby, my Father before he retired, my Mother and a year later my sister that I was so close to she was my best friends as well. With my Father’s death, I was camping with my family, far from the main house but I heard the phone that early morning so clear and I knew something was wrong Lori came to tell me my beloved Father passed away. Everyone helped with our packing I remember nothing except getting to the funeral home. I hated God he took my best friend the man I could tell anything to and he always had the right answers for me. For Years I hated God and never wanted anything to do with him I could careless. God wasn’t finished with me he sent many people to help get me back to him it took a special friend to hand me a book. Now I know that gods plans are different from ours his timing is not the same as ours and his love is so very deep that he just won’t give up until he has you in his arms.
Please know that no matter what God does know what he is doing and he does love all his children with all his heart. I thank God every day for that special Angel he sent to me.
Remember DR have no clue what God’s plan is for your loved one, the DR only guesses but God knows.
Both times when I went to Ohio to spend time with my sick Mother and my sister the DR told me they would be fine only to fly out the very next day to go to their funeral.
 On the way to work I heard the song “Going Home” when the song ended I got a phone call from my nephew my sister had passed away, I cried but I thanked God for softening the phone call with letting me know by the song that I loved so much. I keep a Afghan my Mom made me, a sweater that was my sisters favorite her perfume is still on it I can smell it when I miss her, just to have near when I have a bad day, it helps believe me just to hold it, smell it and touch the sweater for some reason I can feel her arms around me when I hold he sweater.
This book is a must have really I recommend it highly it will give you hope when there is none and you will come to know the Lord your God does have Messengers just for you. Buy it read it and hold it close when you need comfort. It will be one of the best books you spent your money on.
5 Stars
ISBN 13 978-1-55874-779-1
 I receive this book free from Health Communications, Inc for an honest review. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own no one else’s. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one.
Thank you Lori for a most beautiful book I will treasure for years and pass down.
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