FOUND FAITHFUL
                                                       Elizabeth R. Skoglund
The timeless stories of C. S. Lewis, Charles Spurgeon, Ruth Bell Graham, Amy Carmichael and others will inspire you and get you to go to your Bible.
Spurgeon did not become great on his own. Nor was he a plastic saint. Rather, it is his combination of greatness, strength, and humanness that has a refreshing appeal to the reader.
Spurgeon, the man who suffered from terrible depression, fear financial disaster experienced intense loneliness and spent week ill in bed speaks to our modern day needs deeply than do most of our contemporaries.,
Amy Carmichael wrote a poem on page 81 that is so very beautiful you have got to read it to get the full satisfaction out of her words.
I never heard of Amy Carmichael but this book tells of a woman of great courage, she did missionary work in Japan. She had a physical break down. Then she did missionary work in India rescuing children who had been sold to the gods of the temple- in other word as prostitutes for the Priest (sad isn’t it in the name of God they do these things) God would not approve of this kind of things. She never adopted any of the children but to those she raised and saved she became “Amma” the Indian word for “Mother”. She was a remarkable Lady to say the least.
C. S Lewis: I have one of his Bibles — that I thought was expensive but I love C. S. Lewis and so I also loved his Bible.
C. S. Lewis was a strong  enough man  to face his own imperfections. C. S. Lewis is a scholar,teacher,professor of medieval and Renaissance English.
He discovered God in children’s story “The Wind In the Willows”. A man of contrasts, C. S. Lewis was without a doubt one be of the great intellectuals of the 20th Century.
Ruth bell Graham: wife of Billy Graham.
This surprised me— As a young girl she darted out of an appliance store that she and  several dozen other people were looting during the 1992 Los Angela’s Riots.
Gigi eldest daughter says: All the years of her immediate reaction has been to throw herself on the Lord and the Scriptures. As a child I remember her leaving her Bible open in a prominent  place, so she could just get a verse every now and then– We often found her by her bed on her knees.
There are so many others in this beautiful book. You’ll have to buy this book and read it I recommend it highly!!!!!!!
5 Stars
ISBN 978-1-57293-105-3
I received this book free from Discovery House for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are my own and no  one else’s.
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