12/21/2013 Reviews

                                                         NIV ESSENTIALS STUDY BIBLE
 I love to review Bibles and see what they have to offer– I find helpful things in each Bibles but still go to my old Bible more because of sentimental reasons. It is almost like a security blanket a child may carry with them.
The type is a little bigger, nice for use that needs to see the writing in the Bible to read it. If you truly want a Bible that has everything in it this one is for you.  The tools used in this bible is fantastic for studying that is for sure. The tools use are called “Lens” they are as follows:
A The Book Introductions– Each book in the Bible is introduced with quick overview of key concepts, verses, and teaching found in the bible. It also includes a timeline, maps and photos.
B The Unpack  Lens– Commonly called “footnotes” or study notes in most bibles found at the bottom of page.They explain texts, verses and show how the particular verse fits in the Bible.
C The Dig Deep, Look Close Lens– These are taken from the NIV Archeological Study Bible and are used to show historical ( artifacts, etc.) evidence for the Bible. Some of them include maps.
D Question and Answer Lens–These are questions taken from the NIV Quest Study Bible and tackle questions that have challenge scripture readers throughout history.
E The People In Focus Len– These are articles specific people in the bible. These notes are adopted from the NIV Student Bible
F Insight Lens– This lens contains articles adopted from the NIV Student Bible which gives relatable meaning to passages which might seem distant from the modern reader.
G Guided Tour Lens– These notes are also excerpted from the NIV Student Bible and shows “a bird eye view” of the entire Bible.
H High Lights Len–These are short articles which highlights certain verses whose importance the reader might mess.
I Reflect and Respond Lens–These are taken from The Great Rescue NIV, is intended to cause the reader to meditate on certain inspirational issues.
Here is a good reading plan to help you get through the Bible-plus there are other plans– here they are:
A One Year– to read through the Bible
B 60 Days Overview of the Bible
C 20 Days Not-so-famous Bible Stories
D 30 Days of Great Faith
E 30 Days With Jesus
I recommend this Bible if you would like a lot of information and help all in one Bible. I love this Bible, I think you will too. I really enjoyed reviewing this Bible.
I received this beautiful Bible free from Book sneeze/ Zondervan for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely mine and no one else’s.
5 Stars
ISBN 978-0310-44241-7
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