12/08/2013 Reviewed

                                                   WHY DO HORSES SLEEP STANDING UP?
                                                                  Marty  Becker, D.V.M.
LOVE the cover of this beautiful book. The horse is so beautiful as I look at the pictures I see how much God loved his creations.
My granddaughter is working at a ranch with horses and she just loves them and her job. Hmm now she tells me that they are teaching people how to ride horses. I thought that was funny, why because we (my sisters and I ) use to go to my Uncles farm every summer since we were small. We just saddled up a horse and got on if we landed on the ground (you can picture it, yes) we just got back on or never rode again, let me tell you, that never happened, we got back on. So to hear that people actually pay to learn to ride a horse tickled my funny bone and I laughed until tears found their way down my cheek which started my granddaughter laughing. Ok enough of my stories time to tell you about this WONDERFUL BOOK  so here we go.
I love horses so this book intrigued me and of course I had to have it to read. I am sorry it took so long to review but some of the things I read I just had to stop and let it soak in.
Some of the horses are big animals and stronger and very loyal. This book has a lot of questions and answers for the horse lover and animal lover of all kinds.
I often wondered why horses stood while sleeping and honestly how can they do that with out falling over like a big thud well this book tells you the story of both questions I had and it was so amazing I had to let me friend read that too. You have to read this!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are some questions in this wonderful book :
1 What’s the difference between nickering, whinnying and neighing? Know the answer if not this book has the answer for you.
2 What is your horse trying to tell you?
3 What is the largest load your horse can carry or should it be what is the safest load your horse should carry?
4 Do horses prefer some people over others? Are horses prejudiced?
Well to find the answer to these questions you will have to go grab this beautifully written book. I know you will be well pleased with this book!!!!!!!!
This tiny book of 223 pages is loaded with all kind of information that covers more then I thought it could. Amazing just amazing book. A must have for sure, grab it read it and be amazed at these big and wonderful or did I tell you there are some small horses too. Read on!!!!!!
I received this book free from HCI for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally my own.
5 Stars
ISBN 13: 978-0-7573-0608-2
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