12/09/2013 Reviewed

                                                        Haley Hobson’s
First let me say I looked at the cover loved it and wanted the book end of story on how I came to review this neat book.
Now let me take you on a journey so you will know about this beautiful book and then you can run don’t walk to the nearest store and pick up this wonderful book that will help you with better health and I feel more energy. It truly is a GREAT book— oh sorry I did get ahead of myself didn’t I.
so I guess I better start the journey for you here we go—- You’ll read her story, you’ll find yummy food (ok for you junk food junkies it won’t look very appetizing. But as you read her story she was once a junk food junkie too oh yes she was.
Then you can Exercise, see how you can handle a Relationship then find Self Love if that’s not enough for you  then you can read Business and Prosperity — ok here we go Sexuality yes, yes you read, that right Sexuality— oh my!!!!! Then head for Spirituality finally bring it all together — end of story. Not really
Let me tell you this gal is young ladies so if you are my age  like 65 yrs old, you are going really because as you look on page 32 Yoga Sequence well– this lady is in positions I never had my body in when it was young. Well we never knew of Yoga to be honest when I was young–so I am going to see which ones I can do and just maybe I can loosen up my muscles and get limber again by practicing what Haley is helping us learn. After all I have learned DR’s don’t want you really to learn things that can help you get back some of your health’s like a( Natural DR I’d like to find one, any one know one in Orlando, FL email me please).
I am going to try some of these positions I only pray I am not stuck and the emergency squad has to come oh Lordy that would not be fun!! Now don’t laugh how limber are you?
Oh and don’t forget ” it is an absolute must to keep listening to your body with a highly tuned ear–to prevent stress, injuries, and disease.
Well just reading those steps to the exercise has stressed me, injured my pride and cause disease of being hurt (pride wise that is) now all my funny pokes aside– this book looks like a great book to get you back into shape. Yes I truly am at age 65 going on (66 in Feb) years old with a humorous attitude and love to learn to find ways to help me get better health wise and muscle help.
I received this book free from Smith Publicity for an honest review. I was not obligated to write a positive review only an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own!
5 Stars
ISBN 9781492135005
Thank you Sophia for believing in me and for a wonderful all around book to help me exercise and eat better! You are an Angel God sent.
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