12/5/2013 Review for second time

                                                                  THE CROSS
                                                                   Rod Parsley
The cover is intriguing don’t you think and It just drew me to it like a magnet. I first look at the book covers then the title. So after seeing the cross I wanted to read the book.
This book starts out with Masovian, Province in Eastern Poland 1984 George Orwell prophesied year of dictatorial mind control by the all powerful State. The soldiers are headed to take down the crosses in the schools.
Watch your government and see what it is doing in the world, does it seem we are loosing freedom of speech and other things we hold dear? Then guess what direction your government is going?
Makes you think of what is going on in the USA doesn’t it?? Why? Our government says we can’t wear crosses or display crosses because we are offending people, we can’t have a Nativity Scene at Christmas or trees and Christmas decorations or say Merry Christmas because it offends people. I say what about us where is our freedom of speech at that we can’t show our love for our Christ but they can show theirs for whom they believe in.
Why is the Cross the most signal display so offensive to people? Is it because it truly is the sign of the most holy and that frightens people not offends them could that be the real reason??????? 
Our government lets people from other cultures tell us how we should live now after all these decades, we did great without their butting in. Our country thrived and we had no problems we need to get back to our old ways. So our government let those people take our cross off the walls of the government buildings where they have been displayed proudly and harmlessly for decades.
A few people can’t change the world but we can change a few people 1 at a time as we wait for Jesus return.
Before your journey is complete, you will personally had a fresh and hopefully life–transforming encounter at the foot of the cross.
I received this book free from Booketria free for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
I recommend this book highly if you really want to come to the cross and know it a new way.
HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Star
ISBN 978-1-62136-620-1
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