12/06/2013 reviewed

                                                      BLAME IT ON THE MISTLETOE
                                                                   Joyce Magnin
Christmas is here again with this book. So grab a sleigh and here we go let’s see what Christmas magic has in store for you at Bright’s Pond.
You are entering a cute quint town of Bright’s Pond. This little town has stores that make it look very picturesque and welcoming to everyone that comes to Bright’s Pond. picture the scenery of  a little town dressed up for Christmas with the stores and the trees sparkling as the snow is falling on them and the lights glowing. There are stores like Zola Teashop was the last in the row of stores that included Yost’s Hardware, Reyall Drugs, Mrs Deeter’s Fabric and Notion Shoppe.   
There’s a pilot that lands in Bright’s Pond. Seems he and Agnes are the talk of the town. Why does it seem that everyone is talking about them??
Zeb Sewickey is the owner of the Full Moon Cafe. A cute still train car fur a cafe, how neat is that? He also seems to like Agnes. So where will her hear go? Will God or her friends have a play in who she will pick or will she follow her heart???
Bright’s Pond is where strange happenings are happening just around the corner at the Greenbrier Nursing Home. People seem to be acting like young children in preschool. For some reason the people especially the sheriff of Bright’s Pond, a new Sheriff at that seems to think it has something to do with a new man in town named Leon Fontaine. Why does she suspect him of all people, just because he is new or what is the mystery of Leon?
Things never go as planned at Bright’s Pond and now people feel Leon is a little weird. They seem to think odd behaviors started after he came into town. Could it be Christmas magic as the folks seem younger, happier and oh yes a little frisky too, sounds fun to me, how about you? Nothing wrong in feeling young is there a law against that? Well What would you think if someone said they found the fountain of youth?? What could it be??
Bright’s Pond Christmas parade was a sight and well worth standing in the cold weather to watch it go by.
Well to catch the Christmas Magic and the mystery of the people feeling younger you’ll have to grab the book and read it. You won’t regret buying this wonderful magical Christmas story.
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