For Love or loyalty By: Jennifer Hudson Taylor

                                                                                              11/25/2013 Review
                                                        FOR LOVE OR LOYALTY
                                                          Jennifer Hudson Taylor
 As you jump on a horse and ride with Malcolm and his brother to see what happened to their Mother and sister hang on cause you may be in for a long ride.
Campbell comes for rent fro the Malcolm and clan then since they didn’t have the money yet the Campbell’s  take their Mother and sister and sells their mother into indentured servitude. Lauren the innocent Campbell daughter who wants to try to set peace between the two families doesn’t find out the sacrifice she will be making until it is to late———-
Lauren will hang onto her faith, God is her comfort, her blanket of protection. Lauren will never weaver from her faith, even through this deceit– her faith seems to effect Malcolm as he comes to question what he is putting Lauren through and questions himself on what he is doing.
Malcolm now has a fight within himself as what to do save his Mother or save Lauren— will God help him make his choice or just as God is the God of miracles can God help  Malcolm find a miracle to save both the people he cares about?
This is a heart grabber–I recommend this book if you love page turners. So grab this book and see what happens.
I received this book from Abingdon Press for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally my own and no one else’s. 
5 Star
ISBN 978-1-4267-1469-6
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