THE JESUS STORY By: DR. William H. Marty

                                                                                          11/21/2013 Reviewed

                                                     THE JESUS STORY
                                                        DR. William .Marty
I love the cover on this book. It’s beautiful with the building, rocked landscaping and the quite water with sail boat lazily floating by, the beautiful sky above all this as you look out the window or arch of another building (which ever you think it is). I love to look and study the cover of book covers they tell a story all their own.
I knew I wanted to read this book and review it because Jesus was the most amazing man on earth, soft spoken, kind, Loving. You’ll feel the same way.
As the story of Jesus unfolds  before your eyes get ready to know Jesus and his life.
 Loved even to his enemies.with me, my first question is how does he love the people that hurt him so badly and then sentence him to the worst kind of death by nailing him to a cross after he carried it all the way to the (Skull) where he died between two thieves, and even then he said to the thieves that they would be in heaven with him.
I smiled as I was reading about the birth of Jesus — his early ministry, teaching and healing. I smiled as he over turned tables and benches and when he threw the merchants out of the temple.
You’ll feel you are walking the streets with Jesus and see his miracles and love, later then you are with Judas as you see the portrayal of Jesus go down, You’ll feel you are in the city that condemned Jesus and then the tears run as Jesus is taken away to his last days on earth walking with the cross on his back.
But when I read the part where DR Williams Holarty told again the story of the Death and Resurrection. Trials of the Jewish Interrogation and then the Roman Interrogation of Jesus the tears began to roll down my cheeks. I cry every time I hear or read this about Jesus.
This is a beautifully written book. You’ll feel like you are walking the streets with Jesus, you’ll feel you are there every step of the way until you see Jesus again!!!
Jesus isn’t done with us yet!!!!!!!!!
I recommend this book highly. Grab it and HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I received this book free from Bethany House for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Star
ISBN 978-0-7642-1093-8
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