11/15/2013 reviewed

                                                     ZERO CHANGE PASSAGE
                                                        Ember Reichgott Junge
First let me say I again fell in love with the cover because of the smiling faces of the children on front. I have to say that many books I buy or order to review is because the cover attracts me to it (not always). That came because my friend and I did a bet one time in the Christian book store that we’d pick up a book by it’s cover and nothing else. So I picked up one that had horses on it, she picked up one that had one word that stood out from all others” GOD”. We read them and exchanged books. Both were excellent books on God in the lives of animals and people, try it sometime.
I also wanted to say I had to get rid of my first rough draft and redo. So please forgive me for being a little later on this book then I had planned.
Charter Schools hit me like the public schools (I went to Public school) and I feel now the public schools are very wrong in letting kids pass just so they don’t feel hurt, hurt is part of life and learning to grow strong from it, if they don’t earn a passing grade then they don’t pass, if they can’t play the sport they go out for then they sit on the bench more, nothing wrong with that. Never killed any of us we just got stronger and learned what we were good at, so can they stop babying these kids. That is why we have the problems we have they can’t get good jobs because they haven’t learn to study to get the grade to get them.
Sound as though the Charter Schools are a little different in that area. I pray I understood that right when I read this book. This book talks about risk the Nation had in 1983 we still have the risk.In here it says that 1/3 Kids could solve a solve a math problem with several steps requiring to do the problem, 1/5 could write a persuasive essay, nearly 40 percent of seventeen-year olds tests could NOT draw inferences from written material. Isn’t that sad? I am not the smartest person by far but I blame that on me and the fact the school never did testing like they do now, but even with the testing they still say we can’t let the kids feelings be hurt HELLO they need to learn to do better or the best to their ability and not keep the smart ones back because they know how to apply what they have learned and get good grades. So IF the Charter School is that way I say yippy we need more Charter schools. so I pray I read it right. I will reread this book again and may even put up a revised review.
They talk about Public schools being passports out of poverty, not IF they continue to let children pass that don’t get the grades to pass.
Grab this book and see if you agree. I am not sorry I reviewed this book. As I had said I will reread it while waiting on another book to review I may revise my review on this book.
I received this book free from Smith for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally my own. Thank you Anne for believing in me. I did enjoy this book. 
 4 star
ISBN 13: 978-1-59298-476-3 
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