11/11/2013 Reviewed
                                                THE SOUL OF THE ROSE
                                                            Ruth Trippy
Celia Thatcher had to deal with the unexpected and hurtful death of her closest friend. So she is sent to a bookstore to work for  family friends.
This book will take you back in time — when railroads were the greatest transportation —- railroads now are almost a thing in the past. Soooooo garb a set on the train and let’s head to Massachusetts with Celia.
 As you travel the pages of this book and read the story of Celia set back, relax and hang on to your set and let’s see what happens to Celia.
 Celia meets two guys in Massachusetts, not only does she catch the eye of one, but She has both of these fellows interested in her, a Mr Edward Lyons and a Mr Charles Harrod. But these two guys has problems too, one trying to run from his past and from God and one whom promotes a religious belief Celia had never before considered. Will Mr Harrod religious belief scare Celia? What’s in Mr Lyons past that he is running from?
As we travel with her will we find that they will help her gain a happy out look on life or will she find more trouble then she bargained for? Which will she chose as, she finds that one of her beaus are accused of murder, will she help him or will she find a different path to follow? Will she take the path God choose’s for her?
This beautiful story takes place in Massachusetts in the year 1876. She is at the bookstore a delivery is made a book–a very expensive book—-why is it that make the book expensive it is hand tooled leather volume all the way from London. Can you imagine— a leather book?? How beautiful can that be— makes me want to go out and look for one!!!
This book would be a nice relaxing book to have and read as you sit in your favorite chair and spot.
I received this book free from Abingdon Press for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally my own and no one else’s.
5 Star
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1 Response to THE SOUL OF THE ROSE By: Ruth Trippy

  1. Ruth Trippy says:

    Thanks, Wild Thunder, for your review of my novel, The Soul of the Rose. Yes, railroads were big in the 1870’s. I love that particular decade because life in the U.S. was in the development stage in so many ways. And with the delivery of the expensive edition of Tennyson poems, an “Old World” bookstore is the perfect setting! And the perfect way to introduce to the reader two protagonists who are smart and literary. Thanks, again. Ruth

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