FUN LOVING YOU By: Ted Cunningham

                                                             FUN LOVING YOU
                                                              Ted Cunningham
As you travel through the pages of this book, I find this book sure would have been handy when I was a lot younger But I still can start to apply it to my life and marriage.  I was not one that wanted to rush into a marriage. I am pretty much I “try” to handle everything my self. Wrong you can’t you need “God”.
With that said:
You’ll find this book (for you young ones) is great through out your life and us vintages ones it will still help our marriage and add a little laughter to our life.
There’s a list for “Date Night” for married couples. Which is actually nice if you have children, we all need time to ourselves right? If you have no children you still need a “date night” to bring back the excitement in your marriage. It tells you how to handle the way to take care of the children while you plan your very exciting “date night” with the love of your life. Sparks may just start flying all over again so be ready!!!!!
The “Fun Safe Bedroom” is a chapter both men and women should read so they are on the same page and understanding.
There’s a chapter in “Daily Get Away” “Date night get away or as it could be called (Date Night Challenge) An annual get away. WOW that sounds great to me. Humm I like this book already.
As you read chapter by chapter of this book you might think of something you and your spouse use to do when you started to date and how happy you were together. You could just jot it down on a page in the book so when you go back through the book it may jump out at you— something like motorcycle riding in the country on a nice spring day or a walk along the quite beach (if there are any still around) or maybe a nice out dinner dancing and laughs just about old times. How does that sound/ I think we just made plans for a few of those  nights.
Wherever this book leads you I pray it makes your marriage as priceless as you and your spouse is to God.
I recommend this book highly especially if you’ve been down in the “I don’t know how to bring the excitement back into my marriage mood!!
5   Star
ISBN 978-1-4347-0456-6
I received this book free from David C Cook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
Thank you Lisa for  believing in me and another fabulous book.
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