Correctiion please on Stand Like Moutain, Flow Like Water

the tite I wrote was wron it is Stand Like Moutain, flow Like Water not Stand Like A Mountain, Flow Like Water SORRY So here is the review again.


                                                                                                     11/8/2013 Reviewed

                                                    STAND LIKE  MOUNTAIN,
                                                        FLOW LIKE WATER
                                                    Brian Luke Seaward, PH.D.
First the cover caught my eye. The Mountain  was beautiful the water inviting behind this rough, powerful looking Mountain man with the smile that was saying “Come see what I have found. He has so much faith and he had to share it with us. This is the Tenth Anniversary Edition.
We could all use some wisdom of the ages even me at 65 yrs. old. I love to gather more information on how to loose stress or at least deal with it better, of course I should know the answer “GOD”. God is a stress relief and a shoulder to cry on, and a Father to go to in time of hurt to heal. so as you see I still need a jolt to jump start my faith now and then and I bet you do too. So why not check this beautiful book out?
I find in different circumstances I need some spiritual growth and Help. I still find I have to struggle to deal with some issues and I feel only God’s guidance will be my answer to finally find the peace and answers I need. I feel some times I need to hear God and I don’t and it hurts and I feel he has left me. Have you felt that way. This book has some unique ways of helping us with our stress and human Spirituality, this book is long but it has so much information and help for us that struggle along our spiritual paths along with stress that tends to make us sick.
Brian says ” The emptying process of the soul is unavoidable, yet essential no matter how you frame it—letting go, unlearning, detaching from, or cleansing—the Spiritual phase of the life cycle demands it.” This would be nice to store in my memory bank to fall back on.
In the back of this beautifully written book there is Healing Water Meditation (sounds soooooooo relaxing) think I will try it when I come home from work tomorrow. Then there are study Guide Questions that will help you along your spiritual path.
I so loved this book and the information in it has to help you with the reflections on Stress and Spirituality. I really feel you’d get a lot out of this wonderful book. This book also was one of the books that church groups ordered to have class on, Hmm maybe my bible class would like to read this book for our study class. This book is 334 pages long so get ready for a very powerful read. So go grab this book and enjoy.
HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!
I received this beautiful book free from HIC for an honest review. I was not required to give a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are totally mine and no one else’s.
5 Star
ISBN 13: 978-0-7573-0547-4
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