10/24/2013 review

                                                         THE ULTIMATE DOG LOVER
                                                                   Mary Becker D.V.M.
How can you start out with such a wonderful book with so many different dog stories that truly hit your heart and makes it melt beyond words. This one was hard book to pick out a perfect story that stood out more then the others, the pups were all great in their own breed fashion and love and wisdom.
If only people, all people could see how great the animals are with human’s then maybe the abuse would go away and the beautiful dogs, cats and all animals could live with their humans in love fashion.
The love of pets is so unconditional and all they ask for is love in return nothing hard just love.
On story stayed with me through out the book because I walk with my Aussie girl and Spaniel boy, (wish I could do it more then I do time doesn’t always permit me to do the pleasures)
The story of Maya and her wonderful ability to communicate with her Mistress what a bond they have so unique that you just instantly fall in love with Maya. Maya ability to summons help of an unusual kind one you never would have thought possible (time to rethink of all animals and their ability to help).  As Lynn stated very nicely “I wondered if perhaps there were no boundaries after all, only a communication gap–born of ignorance, misunderstanding, and Homo sapiens arrogance.” Now that says it all girl!!!!!! Think I will use it the next time some one says animals are dumb hello who are the dumb ones here????
There are all sorts of dog stories with their family narrating the stories of love, devotion and loyalty that only furry family members possesses with unlimited access to protection of their family even if it means death to the dog they are willing to give their lives for the family that they love more then their very own lives now that is LOVE.
Spaniels are know for protecting their family the one they are close to, Spaniels usually pick one person that they are close to  like many other breeds. Boxers are known for standing on their hind legs and taking their front legs in a boxing type fight, they are also know to be comedians in their own right. There are so many dogs and beautiful in their own way funny, scary to some of us, adorable or just plain lovable.
I could rattle on and on about this book but then you wouldn’t have to buy it to find out the rest of the stories.
Unconditional love IF that is what you are looking for, then an animal is your ticket to happiness for sure. If you don’t believe me then buy this book and see for yourself. So what are you waiting for go get it and put a smile on your face and love in your heart.
I recommend this book HIGHLY. This is really the Ultimate Dog Lover Book you won’t go wrong buying this jewel of a dog book
I received this book free from HIC for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one.The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
5 Star
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