10/24/2013 Review

                                                           COME HOME FOR SUPPER
                                                                    Christy Jordan
This is a wonderful cook book, yummy food sounds tastefully done. Bet you can’t wait to try this book out. There are 200 deeply satisfying dishes that are budget conscious, kid friendly, and quick to make. Quick to make sounds like it is right down my alley, quick is what I need on my time.
The pictures look as yummy as the recipes sound delicious and ready to pop in your mouth. The loaded potatoes on page 210 look out of this world — I love potatoes even though my lovely DR. says that is a no no for me to have—darn all the good food he goes no to darn him any way but he is a good DR.
The pictures tell the story themselves with out any words. The pictures of the foods are worth a million taste buds want to stand up and salute.
Last but by far the first: Start your meals with thanks to our “Heavenly Father” that sees to it we have food and our country is free to eat what they want and when they are hungry. we are free to choose. Thank you Lord for watching over America.
MAY YOUR TUMMY ALWAYS BE FUL WITH THE GRACE OF GOD!!!!!!!! Happy cooking!!!!!!! I recommend this book highly for a wonderful cook.
I received this book free from Workman for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own. Thank you workman for a beautiful cook book.
5 Star
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