ADVENTURE BIBLE STORYBOOK
                                                           Catherine DeVries
                                                     Illustrated by Jim Madsen
This beautiful Bible is for kids ages 4-7 hmm mo wonder I could read it well. The stories are made simple fir the children to understand and enjoy. The pictures are in beautiful bright colors nice touch to catch a child’s eye and keep them looking and interested in the pictures as the parent reads the stories the parent could also point the pictures out to them. Maybe that will give the child reason to ask additional questions for you to answer and keep them interested. This may also give you an open door to get your Bible and explain in more detail from the scripture , nice way to introduce the bible to them how awesome is that?
The CD’s are a nice addition for your children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren especially if you are in the car and they need something to listen to and keep them occupied as they listen to the stories of the Bible. This is such a great way to have some ground work laid out for them and have these words planted in their hearts for life.
This is really a neat little Bible storybook to start out with, it maybe missing parts of the story but maybe this is where you can then say let’s get the Bible and see what else it has to say about this story.
 5 Star
I received this Bible Storybook free from Booksneeze/ Zondervan for and honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely my own and no one else’s.
Thanks booksneeze/Zondervan for  a wonderful read. 
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