10/15/2013 Review

                                           ESV TRANSFORMATION BIBLE
This is a hardcover Bible very sturdy and will hold up very well. The cover is white with gray letters and Bible in black letters and the rest in red letters is eye catching.
There’s a book introduction for example Ruth— It tells of author and date– no author is named but since David is mentioned it places the writing sometime after David becomes King.
In the back of the Bible there is a concordance,80,000 cross reference, there’s gospel transformation study notes, there’s a Tropical Index. The colored map that tells for example — Israel under Saul, David and Solomon. I like the introductions before each book of the Bible a very nice touch.
There’s a daily reading plan in the back that is absolutely great — to help you if your time is as precious as mine is because every minute counts.
In front there is a place to write down information on Marriage, Births/adoptions and Deaths, which is nice to have if the Bible gets passed down to a grandchild.
The only thing I missed is the words of the Lord un Red– because I feel the red letters of God speaking really is an eye catcher and makes you want to read what God says (or it does me), this Bible doesn’t have that. So that is the only thing I missed out of this Bible the rest is pretty great. On the whole there are so many good features about this Bible that I feel everyone will really like it a lot.
 5 Star
ISBN 978-1-4335-3867-4
I received this Bible free from Crossway for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are entirely mine and on one else’s.
Thank you Aggie for a wonderful Bible.
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