Becoming Myself By: Stasi Eldredge

                                                                                    10/16/2013 Review

                                                      BECOMING MYSELF
                                                           Stasi Eldredge
This book will have you looking at yourself a lot differently and having you check your relationship with the one that loves you the most “GOD”.
Stasi says ” true transformation cannot be found from  the outside. It’s an inside out process.” The problem with a lest is very seldom does it last long before we fall back into self—contempt not lack of discipline–the problem is the approach.
We humans are great for making list aren’t we—–groceries, the Honey-do-list the list of what store to go to first—-Hmm like mine I don’t know about you but mine is the pet store first— probably because my pups can go into that store with me and not get chased out like they just stole the candy bar off the shelf– although they do have a habit of letting me know which treat they’d like to have.  They cut my shopping time in half that way, when I go myself I have a habit of saying which one would they like hmm.
Besides look at it this way if I go to the pet store first then I have to go home because my dogs can’t go into the store for us humans, that means I can let the honey do list kick in and my hubby gets the grocery store (I hate grocery shopping) .
Remember– to start to becoming myself — option is to learn and begin again forget your mistakes, victories, challenges, sorrows they prevent you from moving forward and growing into the woman we are supposed to be. God gives mercy.
Not only do you learn to “becoming yourself (myself)” but a little of history on page 211. I found this part to be very interesting plus sad to say the least.
So make sure you bring Kleenex  with you– you’ll need them if you have a tender heart.
Make sure you read page 215– it will amaze you and make you ponder on your life.
I recommend this book this is really a good read and will help you.
5 star
ISBN 978-1-4347-0535-8
I received this book  free from David C. Cook for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review just a honest one.  The opinions I have expressed are my own and no one else’s.
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