The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone By Michael J. Chase

                                                                                                         10/07/2013 Review

                                                       THE RADICAL PRACTICE
                                                        OF LOVING EVERYONE
                                                             Michael J. Chase
As you read this beautiful book. If you are not a dog lover would you please open up your heart to hear how dogs are really a wonderful loving companion and friend, not only to their owners but to others as well. This shows you a lot about the wonderful friend you have by your side day and night. They will guard you and love you at all cost.
Even the horrid stories of the Pit Bulls, Doberman Pinchers Police dogs. Some dogs get a bad reputation not because they are born bad, but because the owners treat or raise them bad or train them to dog fight or make them mean. Remember it is the owner NOT the dog!!!  The owners are the responsible one not the dog!! Don’t be one.
Think if you could Love Everyone as one beautiful Mollie did—she showed her owner how she loved even the bully of a dog and if Mollie could do it why not apply it to his life—- Harder said then done right?? People can be so mean, hateful and spiteful can’t they? Does that mean that we treat them the same way? I don’t think God would like us very well do you after all he loves us not matter what we do.
This book has humor in it that will have you in stitches,you’ll cry but the lesson of LOVING EVERYONE is well worth the trip through this unforgettable story of the most wonderful dog. Just maybe you’ll see some or even all of what Mollie is made of.
5 Star
ISBN 978-1-4019-4202-1
I received this beautiful book free from Hay house for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review only an honest one. The opinions I have expressed are mine and mine alone.
 I  highly recommend this book for the dog lover or even if you are not. Thanks Mollie for a wonderful story.
Thank you Nika for a wonderful book.
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